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We are offering three support packages to help your business benefit from Kickstart. Depending on your business requirements you may wish to pick one, two or all three!

 Apply: Your Gateway Organisation

Apply: Your Gateway Organisation

We can help you apply for and secure Kickstart job placements regardless of how many placements you are able to offer.

We will:

  • Help you to identify roles to meet your business and recruitment needs
  • Develop your job profiles including roles and responsibilities
  • Apply and submit role profiles that meet the eligibility requirements of Kickstart
  • Be a key partner to ensure your business meets the minimum Kickstart requirements
  • Please note, as part of your application to Kickstart, DWP will carry out several checks on your business, relating to financial history and stability and including a credit check. If your company does not pass any of those checks, your application may be refused.
How your business will benefit from Kickstart

Progress: Your Kickstart Service Partner

As your Kickstart Service Partner we can offer you a tailored support package to ensure you get all the benefits of a Government-subsidised Kickstart placement without the strain.

We will: 

  • Develop and deliver training content bespoke to your Kickstart placements
  • Nurture your Kickstarters over their 6-month placements from personal action plans to job-relevant training and qualifications
  • Build on the experience you have delivered by exploring post-placement opportunities and providing advice and support that will help improve their long-term career prospects
  • Help you meet the Government requirements for providing a Kickstart placement
  • Minimise pressure on your time and resources

Manage: Your Employment Services

You may want to host placements but not have to worry about the contract and HR-related requirements it involves. We already have a strong track record of taking care of the recruitment, onboarding and contract needs of many employers.

We will:

  • Manage employment contracts for each individual
  • Handle HR-related issues
  • Manage payroll for each individual
  • Ensure best practice employment including employee handbooks; operating procedures; H&S checks and standard HR practices
  • Provide access to significant additional benefits such as an Employee Assistance Programme, Life Insurance and discount scheme

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